Getting Back into ALIGNMENT!

Let’s Get Back into Alignment!



Have you ever felt “off”? A day where you feel out of alignment with yourself no matter what you do? Your mind is spinning and you can’t get your thoughts straight? If you answered yes, keep reading!


So, what I want to dive into today is how to bounce back. So frequently we get caught up in what is happening around us that we forget to be present in the moment. Maybe you get stuck on social media constantly comparing or going down the rabbit hole of what this person is doing, so you should do that too. Or maybe it’s consuming too much training, taking too many courses, constantly feeling plugged in to something and never just letting yourself be in the moment? Have you been there too? I know I have one too many times.


I was feeling overwhelmed recently. Working for myself and being my own boss definitely comes with its challenges, for one that is a routine and staying consistent, and two constantly thinking I need this strategy or that perfect email list because SHE IS DOING THAT and succeeding so shouldn’t Ineed that too? We compare ourselves to other entrepreneurs, other moms, other women who seem to be “perfect”.


Yesterday, I finally said I’m done! I’m done thinking I need all the latest courses. I’m done trying to implement strategy the way she is. I’m just done thinking that I’m not good enough or worthy enough to be doing what I am doing. I know you’ve been there before and thought those thoughts because girl we are human and it’s okay. 


What isn’t okay is letting ourself stay in that moment, stay in that dip and not trying to do anything to get ourselves out.


So, today I’m bringing you tangible tips that will help you to step back into your alignment and live true to who you are.


Let’s start with social media. What we consume, we become and if we are consuming content that doesn’t make us feel good, what do you think the outcome will be? A constant negative battle with yourself and you do not deserve that. You were created so unique that there is literally no one else like you so use that gift and create magic. Create something that someone out there needs right now, that only you can provide. 


When we start to make that shift, change that perspective and see just how amazing and unique you are, you’ll feel unstoppable.


Your mind is so powerful, if your mind isn’t feeling right, then the rest of your body won’t feel great either. It’s not about seeing your life as a whole and thinking big picture all of the time because let’s face it that can feel stressful enough. When you are constantly thinking about the future and the big picture all of the time, we forget about the daily habits that will eventually lead us there. 


I say this all the time, it’s about the journey to your destination, not just the destination itself. If you can’t enjoy the journey, then once you get to the destination you won’t appreciate it, you won’t feel overjoyed or even celebrate what you just accomplished no matter how big or small. Your mind will automatically start to think of “Ok what’s next? What’s the next goal I need to accomplish?” Then, life flashes and before you know it you are older and asking yourself where did life even go?


So, I want you to take a moment and identify the daily habits that you have in your life now. Are they good, are they healthy, are they getting you to that next level? Do you even have daily habits? An easy example would be something like feeling good in your body, and waking up with energy. The daily habits that could get you there would be moving your body, drinking enough water, fueling your body with whole foods versus a daily habit that consumes tons of coffee, fast food and sitting on the couch all day. Ok, that may be an exaggerationbut you get the point! 



What are you doing daily that serves you and what are you doing daily that is preventing you from getting to your destination long term? Once you can identify those habits, you can start to make actual progress and be more mindful about your everyday life. Think about these habits as your non-negotiables.


Which leads me to my next topic of saying NO!!! I know I am guilty of being the “yes” person. Meaning, I used to say yes to everyone and everything that entered into my life. Whether it was my personal or professional life, I would feel guilty saying no, even if I was exhausted or had just worked a long day or even if I just wanted to simply stay home, I would still find myself saying yes to please other people, to not make them upset or to not lose whatever opportunity I thought might come out of something I would do in my professional life.


There is power in saying no. No, I simply can not do this tonight. No, this doesn’t align with my values right now. No, I just want to relax at home. We get so caught up in everyone else’s feelings that we forget about our own. Once I stooped saying yes, I felt instant relief. I didn’t feel the pressure. And guess what, I was thriving!! There is no better feeling than feeling aligned.


Remember that you are in control of your life. You have the power to change, you have the power to grow, you have the power to say no. You and only you get to decide what kind of life you want for yourself. Once you can step away from trying to control the outside factors and start controlling you and what you do daily, you’ll step into that alignment feeling confident in who you are and where you are going. 










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  1. I so needed to read all of this tonight. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the pressure of everything, needing to say yes, and not appreciating the journey getting to my goals always striving for what’s next. I am going to take that power back to say no (or at least offer a compromise) and get myself back to alignment. Xoxo

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